“Be not angry with outward events, for they care nothing for it.” 

- Euripedes

Audio is essential in this game, so please play with headphones for an optimal experience.

Did the 6th Klagenfurt Winter Jam take its toll on you?

UI & Chill is a cozy game designed to help you calm down and de-stress from the jam. 

All you have to do to play is put in a last bit of effort to adjust the game's settings...

...we hope it will be worth the cost.


  • Yen Rye - Coding
  • Ksyusha - Coding, Writing
  • Ruxee - Art, Writing
  • Adrippina - Art
  • vulvariine - Human Resources, Windows Voice Acting
  • SgtCondiment - Music, Writing, Scottish Voice Acting
  • rachelgo - Writing, Extremely Calm Voice Acting
  • Tomba - Playtesting, Windows Voice Acting
  • Everyone - Game Design

(*** stay until the very end for a special message from Nigel Abercrombie***)


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First and foremost: thank you for implementing such an important topic into a (jam) game! When i "played" it, a saying from Francois Alliot (he is also a dev) flashed into my mind. He said: "Humor should be a tool not a gimmick." For me, not only within game development, also within your "personal toolbox" for well being. This is working great on several levels in your game. So again, thank you for all your ideas (the options as part of the game, music and more).  

I'm sure, your game ist not only working after a game jam toll, it also could be a good try for reducing a beginning panic attack or the feeling of overwhelming in general. Of course, there is always individualism, but in my experience the bottom line from a lot of things is the distraction of your brain. Away from the toll, away from the panic. For me, this already happens during the part of "option choosing" within the first game steps. Great! What might be annoying for someone is already some kind of a "working mechanism" which is going on in the background.

Ps. I totally love Golf in every appearance when it comes to videogames . I will not spoil too much, but the reference and "history lesson" is also a very nice job. Well done!


Nigel Abercrombie is a true Scottish(?) hero. Undoubtedly do I feel so much more relaxed and sure of myself and the world around me after playing. Thanks for sharing this with us!