The Witches of Klu Jam present:

On a freezing winter's night, you stumble into a pub for refuge and some warmth. But you instantly regret it, as you find yourself in a room full of monstrous creatures. Stomach-churning noises and revolting odors fill the air.

You come to the startling realization that the pub is crawling with monsters looking to feast on human flesh. But you have one last call: it is speed-dating night at the local monster pub!

In order to survive you need to find a date! Make conversation, engage in flirty banter, and be ready to mingle...but don't let anyone find out that you are a human!


  • Replay to unlock the 12 different endings!
  • Easter Egg: a familiar AAU professor might mingle in the monster pub as well...
  • Created for the 8th Klagenfurt Game Jam with the topic "Unusual combination"
  • Included diversifiers given in the KluJam: 
    • It speaks! Give your game a voice. (Top notch voice acting!)
    • Inclusivity - Add accessibility options (uses dyslexia-friendly fonts and includes non-binary characters!)
    • Different every time - Procedural content generation is used in the game (you get a different combination of monster-dates every game!)


  • Biedermann Marie (vulvarine) - Music, Audio and Effects, Voice Acting, Story, Graphic Design
  • Diaconu Ruxandra (Ruxee) - Artist, Story, Voice Acting
  • Gorden Rachel (rachelgo) - Artist, Story, Programming in Ren'Py, Voice Acting
  • Harshina Ksenia (KseniaGa) - Story, Programming in Ren'Py, Developing

Game Idea by Everyone

Source Code on GitHub:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Authorsrachelgo, Ruxee, Ksyusha, Marie
GenreSimulation, Visual Novel
Tags2D, Dating Sim, Funny, Game Jam, Horror, Monsters, Ren'Py, Romance, Survival Horror


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To anyone still playing the game to that day, we see you and we thank you! 

We are very eager to create a part two of our little Baby Monstermatch. So stay tuned :)


I actually just got here, but :O


I think i got every possible ending, that was fun. Liked the merperson the most, hehe~


Thank you for playing! <3


1. I got the zombie first try lol I didn't even get to see anyone else 

2. PRAyInG ManTiS LmAo *praying mantis breaks my neck*

3. I didn't realize I was a guy and that vampire is big homo it doesn't matter what he says

4. dang tentacle didn't like me

5. yay friend dinosaur

6. bruh you better git (ghost)

7. *awkardly stares at sphinx*

I feel like this comment is too long I'll just end it here


Haha not too long at all! Thank you for playing our game! :)


I didn't got 12 endings,but this was pretty fun short game,4\5


Thank you!  :) 

Not sure I buy the premise, why doesn’t the protagonist just leave? The art and sound is nice, although I noticed a small bug, the voice volume is actually controlled with the sound slider. The colour choice for the text boxes and font is honestly horrible. Looks like nice dating sim all in all.

thank you so much for your constructive feedback! we will take it into account when we'll improve the game soon :)